Mechatronic Design & Simulation

SaberRD for Mechatronic Systems

Saber's design, modeling and powerful simulation tools provide designers the ability to simulate, analyze and verify interactions between multiple physical domains (electrical, magnetic, mechanical, thermal, hydraulic, etc.). With its advanced analysis and modeling capabilities, designers can perform design optimization, Robust Design, and analyze failure effects on virtual prototypes of any system. 

Flow chart showing Mechatronic Design and Simulation

Saber Benefits:

  • Efficient implementation of all Robust Design analyses through a single simulation environment
  • Quickly create a virtual system design supported by more than 30,000 behavioral and characterized models
  • Perform extremely compute intensive statistical analyses with grid computing
  • Create models quickly and accurately with model characterization tools
  • Increase design portability through model language standards VHDL-AMS & MAST
  • Protect intellectual property with model encryption