Modeling Libraries & Tools

Analog/Mixed-Signal, Multi-Level, and Multi-Domain Models

Early identification of design problems can save an enormous amount of effort in the design cycle and often eliminates the sources of late-cycle or post-production failures. Accomplishing this objective requires accurate and complete modeling of the components that comprise the system.

Comprehensive simulation requires the flexibility to model a wide range of component types at various levels of abstraction. Model domains include electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, control, magnetic, thermal, optical, and more.

Simulating at various stages in the design cycle requires models of differing levels of abstraction, from high-level architectural models to detailed behavioral models that mimic the physical attributes of the actual device. These detailed models form the backbone of an accurate virtual prototype.

Model Libraries

Saber users have access to 30,000+ characterized models and model templates for mechatronic, semiconductor, power electronics, in-vehicle networks, and a wide range of component types.

Modeling Tools

Easy to use graphical model creation tools allow for fast turn-around even for those with no experience with modeling languages. Saber modeling tool categories include:

  • Model creation (i.e. Table Lookup, State Machine, etc.)
  • Model characterization
    • IGBT
    • Power MOSFET
    • BJT
    • Battery
  • FEA-based models
  • Model conversion (i.e. SPICE to Saber converter)