Virtual Prototyping Application Markets

Synopsys Virtual Prototypes are used in a wide variety of application markets. These include:

Automotive: The cost of developing and testing automotive electronic systems is drastically increasing. Software is driving automotive systems differentiation. In the meantime, the testing of automotive systems is getting out of control, costs are skyrocketing, safety requirements and standards are driving broader test coverage needs and new system architectures are increasing test set-up and complexity. The Synopsys Virtual Prototyping solution provides a fully virtual environment supporting the automotive model-based design methodologies. It enables automotive semiconductor, tier one and OEM companies to deploy a more efficient development environment for early hardware/software development, integration and test as well as provide a simplified reference executable environment for the co-verification and validation phase.

Wireless Handsets: From feature phones to smartphones and tablets, semiconductor and mobile handset companies are faced with the need to bring compelling product to market faster. New functionality requirements are often achieved through software directly impacting the hardware required to support it. The Synopsys Virtual Prototyping solution enables wireless development teams to start embedded software development early, develop, integrate and test the software in a more efficient environment as well as optimize their design for key concerns such as power consumption and performance.

Consumer Products: Functionality demands in consumer products are increasing to meet customer expectations on a wide variety of products such as video players, digital cameras to digital TV, set-top box and printers. The complexity of the hardware and software content is challenging traditional development approaches. At the same time consumer products are subject to stringent time-to-market and competitive pricing requirements. With the Synopsys Virtual Prototyping solution semiconductor and electronic products companies perform concurrent hardware and software development as well as deploy more efficient software integration and test environments. The result is reduced development costs and on-time product delivery.

Virtual Prototyping is a great approach to software development and software-driven verification and many other application markets including industrial automation, networking and aerospace/defense can benefit from its value. For more information on application market specific solutions, contact us.