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The Trusted Gold Reference from Advanced-node Semiconductors to High-speed Boards

HSPICE® is the industry's "gold standard" for accurate circuit simulation and the HSPICE user community now spans a broad range of circuit applications. The Synopsys HSPICE special interest group (SIG) is an active community for all HSPICE

users and design engineers who want to stay connected with the latest developments in circuit simulation.

On January 28,  2015, Synopsys hosted an HSPICE SIG Event in Santa Clara, CA. At this event, industry leaders spoke about their experiences using HSPICE for signal and power integrity analysis of multi-gigabit serial links.

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Tom Mahatdejkul

Event Emcee
Tom Mahatdejkul, Principal Design Engineer

ARM, Inc. 

Min-Chie Jeng

Using TMI in HSPICE to Solve Model and Design Challenges
Min-Chie Jeng, Director, Technology Modeling Division  


Raed Sabbah

Memory Cell Characterization in HSPICE
Raed Sabbah, Sr. Design Engineer


Brandon Jiao

28G IBIS-AMI Simulation in HSPICE
Brandon Jiao, Staff Transceiver Technical Marketing Engineer


Scott Wedge

HSPICE Technology: The New, The Old, The Gold
Scott Wedge, Sr. Staff Engineer