DAC 2016 Circuit Simulation Luncheon Videolog


Farhad Hayat

Event Emcee
Marketing Director

Farhad Hayat is the senior director of marketing for custom and analog/mixed-signal products at Synopsys. He has been involved in electronic design automation for more than 25 years. In his previous roles, he led product marketing efforts in digital verification and design-for-test. 

Sam Lo

FinFET SRAM Robust Design and Simulation
Hardware Development Manager

Sam Lo is a Hardware Development Manager at Oracle America. He is responsible for design tool development in library characterization, SPICE, device modeling, and circuit statistical analysis. He is the company representative for the Compact Model Coalition (CMC) and Liberty Technical Advisory Board (LTAB). Prior to Oracle, Sam worked at Synopsys as an R&D Engineer. He earned his BSEE at the University of Washington and a MSEE from San Jose State University. He holds two U.S. patents and has been published in several publications related to VLSI and CAD.

Zach Coombes

Conquering Advanced-node Simulation Challenges with FineSim Accelerated SPICE
CAD Engineer

Zach Coombes is a CAD engineer handling circuit simulation, EM/IR, transistor aging/reliability, and physical design verification flows at Samsung Electronics (SARC). Prior to Samsung, he spent 16 years at AMD as a CAD and design engineer, specializing in circuit- and transistor-level analysis, place-and-route methodology, and timing, formal, and functional verification flows. He earned his BSEE from the University of Texas.

Atul Bhargava

Addressing Productivity Needs for Analog IP Robust Design
Sr. Staff Engineer

Atul Bhargava is a Senior Staff Engineer at STMicroelectronics. He started his career with the ST Foundry team, where he worked on various technologies and tools ranging from 1-micron to 14nm, addressing back-end methodologies to simulator usage. He has been actively working on performance improvement in layout tools, 3D extraction, and a variety of reliability topics like EM/IR and other aging effects. He was instrumental in initiating Laker usage in ST India several years ago. Key methodologies that have emerged from his work include Simultaneous Multi-Corner extraction, which is being presented at DAC this year, and Block-level Electromigration, which was presented at DAC 2 years ago.