HAPS Accessories



HAPS Prototyping Solution
The HAPS-80 prototyping solution offers an integrated prototyping flow focused on the highest performance, modularity, scalability, real world IO connectivity, debug productivity and shortest time to prototype.

Accessory Boards


Interfaces supporting standard protocols


The HAPS® RISER8 Multi-Gigabit Board (MGB) is a right-angled eight-lane connector to ease connection of MGB boards to HAPS prototyping systems. Supports existing HAPS MGB interface boards such as QSFPPLUS_MGB, PCIE-4_MGB, SATA-4_MGB, and ETH-4_MGB.

GPIO Interface Board
The HAPS® General Purpose I/O (GPIO) is a multi-purpose interface debug board used to access internal FPGA signals on the HAPS prototyping system. The GPIO_HT3 board can be set up for specific debug interfaces with an ARM debug, 3.3V GPIO, VCCO level GPIO, micro-USB port, serial LCD, buttons, LEDs, and single-ended and differential clock connectors.

QSFP+ Interface Board
The HAPS® QSFP+ is a dual 4-channel QSFP+ high speed transceiver interface board that supports up to eight high speed serial links at 10 Gbps per link. With the use of off-the-shelf adapter modules, this high speed transceiver board can support many protocols, such as QSFP+, SFP+, CX4, 40G Ethernet, 10G Ethernet, SAS and others.

LAI_HT3 Accessory Board
The HAPS® Logic Analyzer Interface (LAI_HT3) board allows probing of dedicated signals with standard Logic Analyzers. The LAI_HT3 is a pass-through board for all power and I/O signals passing through a single HapsTrak 3 connector on a HAPS system.


Memory Types


HAPS LPDDR4 Memory Board
The HAPS LPDDR4 accessory board enables prototyping a design in context of LPDDR4 memory. The HAPS LPDDR4_HT3 accessory board contains two 32-bit, low-power, double data rate memory devices. Two memory buses are independently connected to three HapsTrak 3 connectors to support either two separate 512Mx32- bit memory interfaces or a single 512Mx64-bit memory interface. Each bus includes both data and control/address signals.


Interconnect System Components
HAPS to HAPS accessories


HapsTrak 3 Interconnect Board
The HAPS® CON_HT3 interconnect board aids in the building of point-to-point connections between two FPGAs in the HAPS prototyping system. The CON_HT3 board connects 48 user I/O signals while power pins are disconnected.

External Clock Distribution Board
The HAPS® External Clock Distribution Board (ECDB) extends direct synchronization of clocks to connect or interface up to six HAPS systems together. The HAPS ECDB automatically replicates input clocks to the output clocks to support up to twelve clocks across six HAPS-60 or HAPS-70 systems capable of supporting up to 288M ASIC gates.

Add-on Products

Includes Universal Multi-Resource Bus (UMRBus) for host workstation connectivity to HAPS and IP for co-simulation or transaction-based verification with HAPS.

HAPS UMRBus Interface Kit
The HAPS UMRBus (Universal Multi-Resource Bus) Interface kit is a complete and reliable set of components that allow bi-directional data exchange (at runtime) between software (C/C++ or Tcl/TK applications) and hardware (DUT).

HAPS Co-Sim and Transaction-Based Validation Suite

The HAPS Co-Simulation (Co-Sim) and Transaction-Based Validation (TBV) Suite product is a comprehensive set of software tools and libraries that enables the connection between a HAPS Series FPGA-based prototyping system and a host workstation.