HAPS-80D Prototyping Solution

Desktop Prototyping Solution Enables Direct Design Interaction for Pre-Silicon Software Development and Testing

The HAPS-80 Desktop is a high performance, easy-to-use, prototyping solution for pre-silicon software development and system validation in context of real world IOs. The HAPS-80 Desktop solution enables high-speed time-domain multiplexing at 1.4 Gbps single-ended. The automated partitioning and prototyping flow of the HAPS-80 Desktop solution enables scalability up to 4 FPGAs. Hardware and software engineers have access to GSV to enable full signal debug and can correlate this with the software activity by connecting a software debugger via Arm® CoreSight® debug, JTAG20 or Mictor 38 interfaces. Design bring-up and interaction with real world IO is available through the built-in infrastructure with GPIO, JTAG, UARTs, and a wide variety of SoC peripherals to support interoperability testing and system validation.

HAPS-80D Desktop Prototyping Solution