Synopsys Terms and Conditions

Synopsys Terms and Conditions for HAPS Hardware Products ("Hardware")  - Extended Warranty 

Extended Hardware Warranty Additional Terms & Conditions

Extended Warranty: Upon purchase, extends the limited warranty for the above listed, and by serial number identified, Synopsys’ FPGA-based prototyping Hardware (“Synopsys Hardware”) for the above specified period of time and includes (i) Web-based support through SolvNet and (ii) priority handling for Synopsys’ FPGA-based prototyping Hardware repairs. Synopsys will use commercially reasonable efforts to (a) issue a response within a reasonable time after receipt of customer’s notice requesting repair services, and (b) provide a Return Material Authorization (“RMA”), if required. Repairs will be done with high priority and Synopsys will issue weekly status update(s) to customer on the progress of the repair work and provide temporary use of substitute hardware (“Loaner Hardware”) for the duration of the repair.

To be eligible to receive Loaner Hardware, customer must have their Synopsys FPGA-based prototyping hardware covered under Extended Warranty (as identified by serial number). The Loaner Hardware will be substantially similar in configuration to customer’s Synopsys Hardware sent for repair (except FPGA speed grade), and such Loaner Hardware will not include any accessories or daughter/extension boards. The Loaner Hardware must be returned to Synopsys within one week of the customer receiving the repaired Synopsys Hardware. All shipping and handling costs shall be borne by Synopsys.

Those Synopsys Hardware systems eligible for purchase of Extended Warranty include the HAPS-80 and HAPS-70 systems. For each Synopsys Hardware no longer under Extended Warranty or original factory warranty, a test fee will be applied for Synopsys to conduct testing of the Synopsys Hardware by a Synopsys Application Consultant (“AC Test”), at customer’s premises, to determine eligibility for Extended Warranty. Upon completion of such AC Test Synopsys will determination, in its sole discretion, that either (i) the Synopsys Hardware is irreparable and not eligible for repair or Extended Warranty, or (ii) the Synopsys Hardware is repairable and must be repaired at Synopsys’ then current repair fee(s) before the Extended Warranty can be purchased.