Synopsys Verdi IDX

Debug is a significant challenge in any SoC project, made even harder when blocks from many sources compose part of the chip. Verification reuse is challenging, encrypted IP is impossible to debug, SoC simulations run too slow, and assertion IP is not always used to its full benefit. The Synopsys Verdi Intelligent Debug Acceleration (IDX) technology inside of the Verdi Automated Debug System provides a powerful solution to all these different aspects of debug, accelerating time-to-results (TTR) and time-to-market (TTM) by enabling automated reuse of simulated waveforms captured in FSDB files. Making the extracted design simulate correctly with the appropriate stimulus is a complex technical challenge. Synopsys Verdi IDX has demonstrated time and resource savings of 10x.

Synopsys Verdi IDX Debug Flow with waveform reuse