Reliability and Circuit Checking

Reliability and Circuit Checking Sportlight

Increase AMS Verification Coverage and Boost Productivity

Static and dynamic circuit checks increase verification coverage and discover potential trouble spots that simulation misses. Our advanced regression and analysis environment streamlines mixed-signal verification and boosts productivity.

Synopsys circuit reliability analysis solutions enable designers to conduct transistor-level EM & IR-drop analysis of their analog, mixed-signal, memory and custom digital IP blocks, including those with complex power domains. Advanced power management techniques reduce power consumption and extend battery life, however, design mistakes like missing level shifters, floating gates and accidently forward-biasing bulk substrate diodes lead to excessive power consumption and reliability issues in the field. Finding the causes of these electrical failures with a circuit simulation tool is very difficult. CustomSim’s Circuit Check technology provides a comprehensive set of built-in and programmable static and dynamic checks for finding electrical violations before starting a simulation and monitoring the design during simulation for any failures.