Device Models Supported in HSPICE

HSPICE is an exceedingly accurate and user friendly circuit simulator that supports a comprehensive selection of IDM and Foundry Certified compact device models, together with the state-of-the-art simulation and analysis algorithms. With over a million designs across diverse technologies successfully taped out, HSPICE remains the industry’s most trusted accurate SPICE simulator. 


  • Gold standard for accuracy in circuit simulation
  • Supports accurately and quickly the most extensive set of industry-standard as well as proprietary device models
  • Eases adoption through extensive foundry support and comprehensive support for industry-standard formats
  • Innovative GUI for greater ease of simulation parameter specification and usage 

Foundry Certified Models

Device modeling is an important aspect of HSPICE being the gold standard in circuit simulation. Over the years, HSPICE has consistently enjoyed the reputation of leading-edge modeling technology that ensures the most advanced and accurate set of industry-standard device-model implementations as the industry’s reference. Synopsys collaborates closely with the foundries and IDMs to ensure that their HSPICE model parameters are timely and accurately validated to their fab process. The comprehensive set of over 80 HSPICE models have been extensively proven over the broadest set of semiconductor technologies, ranging from the latest process technology node in the ITRS roadmap to the highly-specialized process technologies.

In addition to its and/or industry’s legacy models, a list of the industry’s latest turnkey models that will be supported in HSPICE 2010.03 (the March 2010 release) are as shown in table below: