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Want to learn how to use IC Compiler II at your own pace on your own time? Do you want to see what topics are covered before diving into an eLearning course?  How about a free preview?  

Our FreeView of the IC Compiler Block-level Implementation eLearning course provides complimentary access to the first three modules of the course.
 (Short registration form and log in required.)

In just an hour, you will learn:

  • What is covered in the complete IC Compiler II Block-level Implementation eLearning course
  • Key features of IC Compiler II and its GUI
  • How to query objects and retrieve design information within IC Compiler II
  • How to set application options within IC Compiler II to control its behavior
  • Basic block-level floorplanning using IC Compiler II

Synopsys eLearning courses provide:

  • Essential skills to run Synopsys tools more efficiently
  • Self-paced, hands-on learning through downloadable labs to reinforce the learning
  • Convenient access to learn, review, practice anytime, anywhere

Our catalog of eLearning courses allows you to learn on your own schedule without the cost of travel or the inconvenience of leaving your home or office. Access the courses over the web anytime, anywhere, and view, review, and practice at your own pace.