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Issue #6: March 2022

Synopsys Solution: Photonic Design Tools 

Synopsys' tools and capabilities for design and simulation of fiber-optic systems, electronic-photonic circuits, active and passive photonic devices, and nanoscale optical structures are driving new innovations in Aerospace and Defense industry

Issue #5: November 2021

Synopsys Solution: Synplify Synthesis for Microchip RT FPGAs

Synopsys Synplify and verification tools complement Radiation-tolerant Designs with Microchip Radiation-Tolerant FPGAs

Issue #4: June 2021

Synopsys Solution: RTL Architect

Aerospace and Defense Engineers Achieve Power, Performance and Area goals for SoC, FPGA and SiP Leveraging RTL Architect

Issue #3: March 2021

Synopsys Solution: Software Integrity Products

The Cost of Poor Software Quality in the U.S. and its Implications for Aerospace and Defense

Issue #2: November 2020

Synopsys Solution: Research and Superconducting Electronics Tool Flow

Synopsys’ Role in the Research and Development of Superconducting Electronics (SCE) and Quantum Computing in Collaboration with IARPA and other Industry Leaders

Issue #1: July 2020

Synopsys Solution: Security

DARPA’s Automatic Implementation of Secure Silicon (AISS) Program and Synopsys’ Role in Driving the Program to Success