Securing OAuth 2.0 and OpenID/Connect (ILT)

Course Description

In modern web applications, OAuth 2.0 enables users to give applications access to (a subset of) their data hosted on a website without sharing their passwords. OpenID/Connect is built on top of OAuth 2.0, and enables a user to authenticate to the application using the credentials of an identity provider. However, creating or interacting with an OAuth 2.0 or an OpenID/Connect-enabled server is not without its security pitfalls. In this course, students learn how to avoid the most common defects when creating or interacting with an OAuth 2.0/OpenID/Connect server.


Delivery Format:  Traditional Classroom, Virtual Classroom

Duration: 8 Hours

Level: Intermediate

Intended Audience: 

  •  Developers
  •  DevSecOps
  •  Architects
  •  Security Practitioners

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