Defending Your Code

Course Description

Our Defending course series provides a comprehensive overview of the security issues and common pitfalls affecting applications developed in the specific language or platform. Each course concentrates on areas related to defensive programming techniques and includes code analysis and remediation exercises. The course is also supported by several interactive demonstrations and hands-on lab exercises.

  • Defending Android
  • Defending C# available in ASP.NET or Desktop emphasis
  • Defending C and C++ available also in a two-day option
  • Defending HTML5
  • Defending Java available in EE or SE emphasis
  • Defending JavaScript available in React or Angular emphasis
  • Defending iOS available in Objective C or SWIFT emphasis
  • Defending PHP
  • Defending Python with Django


Delivery: Live traditional or virtual classroom

Duration: 8 Hours

Intended Audience:

  • Developers

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