AWS DevOps

Course Description

Cloud computing has grabbed the world’s attention not only for its pervasive, on-demand, convenient usage, but for its ability to be vulnerable to data breaches and novel forms of attack. Since most software uses the
cloud in various shared capacities (development, hosting, or integration with third-party code), threats from hackers are inevitable. This hands-on workshop equips students to understand this new landscape of converged infrastructure and shared services, its existing and emerging threats, and provides them with secure mitigation methods.

The AWS DevOps Workshop course is a deep dive into cross-discipline information and perspective among developers, operations, and information security personnel. The course enables students to identify areas for cross-pollination between development and operations that enhance application, infrastructure, and network security.

This course assumes the following baseline student knowledge:

  • Conceptual familiarity with:
    • Common AWS services: EC2, VPC, RDS, KMS, and IAM
    • Docker
    • Chef, or another infrastructure-as-code tool such as Puppet, SaltStack, or Ansible
  • Operational familiarity with:
    • Linux CLI environment


Duration: 8 Hours

Level: Advanced

Intended Audience:

  • Developer
  • Architect
  • QA and Testing
  • IS Security Team

Delivery Format: Live traditional or virtual classroom

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