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Looking for a better software security solution?

You know how important it is to make your applications secure. In fact, you’ve already established a testing process to scan for vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, you’re disappointed with the results—an ever-growing list of bugs (many of them false positives) and no clear way to fix them. In the end, your applications are no more secure than when you started. You need a new solution.

Let us be your guide

Let us be your guide

You’re not alone. Many of our clients come to us disenchanted with their current security solution. The good news is, we view software security differently. We see it as much more than just running a test or two, we see it as a journey. Our mission, is to guide you through that entire journey—not just the beginning. In fact, it’s not until after the test that our work really begins.

So now what?

In addition to managed services and our suite of scanning tools (static analysis (SAST), dynamic analysis (DAST), penetration testing), we recommend the following offerings to companies like you that need a better solution.

The majority of security defenders and builders surveyed feel that the effectiveness of their application security programs need improvement."

2015 State of Application Security


SANS Institute

We won’t weigh you down with a bag of bugs

We won’t weigh you down with a bag of bugs

All our tests come with remediation assistance. Why? Because running the tests is actually the easy part. It’s figuring out what to do with the laundry list of bugs you’re left with that’s difficult. Our experts manually review the results of every test, remove the false positives, and explain the results to you. We then help you develop and implement an effective, actionable remediation plan—even if someone else ran the tests. Ready to continue your software security journey with us?