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Software Risk Manager is an application security posture management (ASPM) solution that enables security and development teams to manage their application security programs at enterprise scale. By unifying policy, test orchestration, correlation, prioritization, and built-in static application security testing (SAST) and software composition analysis (SCA) engines, organizations can streamline their security activities across the enterprise.

A visual representation of software Risk Manager

Tailored AppSec solutions for diverse teams


A hand holding a graphic of a lightbulb, representing a business leader's different AppSec needs

Business leaders need to understand how effective their AppSec tools are and have complete visibility into process and performance across teams.


A DevOps team with different AppSec needs working on their laptops

Development and operations teams need a centralized view of all issues so they can identify their most impactful security activities and deploy cleaner builds.

Application Security

A group of AppSec employees sitting around a table discussing their different needs

Security needs to keep pace with DevOps, but wading through false positives and duplicate results across disparate AppSec tools creates complexity and delays.

Software Risk Manager enables AppSec accountability and breaks silos between tools, processes, and teams

A visual of Software Risk Manager dashboard that allows teams to easily track security efficacy

Simplify AppSec management

Software Risk Manager’s flexibility enables organizations to migrate, consolidate, and transition existing and new security tools across multiple vendors. It integrates with 135+ industry-leading SAST, dynamic application security testing (DAST), SCA, interactive application security testing (IAST), network security, and developer tools to provide a single AppSec source of record. Teams can easily track security efficacy using dashboards that deliver KPIs and productivity analytics.

Get a complete view of AppSec risks

Software Risk Manager provides a uniform software risk assessment of all components—custom code, third-party, and open source—as well as related components like APIs, containers, and microservices. Support for 20+ compliance standards including HIPPA, NIST, and OWASP Top 10 enables you to map specific findings to regulatory standards to shorten time to audit.

A Software Risk Manager dashboard highlighting a specific project's software risk assessment
A visual of how Software Risk Manager summarizes findings and sets priorities

Cut through the noise to prioritize critical issues quickly

Software Risk Manager correlates, deduplicates, and summarizes findings across manual and automated AST tools, to prioritize high-impact fixes based on risk. It pushes critical issues and policy violations to supported issue tracking systems and communicates critical defects to developers directly.

Standardize AppSec workflows through policy

Software Risk Manager can centrally define and enforce security policies across tools and teams. Designate which critical issues to fix first and the parameters for running testing. Embed controls within pipelines by defining policies as code, and automate decision-making across development environments.

A visual of how Software Risk Manager can centrally define and enforce security policies across teams
A visual of Software Risk Manager's ability of allow teams to rapidly complete core testing

Drive required testing at the speed the business demands

Software Risk Manager has built-in engines based on Synopsys industry-leading SAST and SCA technology, allowing teams to rapidly complete core testing. Its automated onboarding accelerates developer adoption and dynamically maps key software resources, issues, and users. A flexible rules engine defines universal policies and provides preset testing rules to enable security activities right away.

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