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Seeker® is the industry's first interactive application security testing (IAST) software solution with active verification and sensitive-data tracking for web-based applications.


See how Seeker's IAST solutions help development, QA, DevOps, and security teams automate the security testing of modern web applications and services.

The recognized leader in web-based interactive application security testing

2024 winner badge of Cyber Security Excellence Awards API Security Seeker IAST, IAST software from Synopsys
Gold for API Security
Seeker IAST
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing
2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™
for Application Security Testing
CybersecAsia Awards 2020 badge for Synopsys Seeker IAST software, best in cloud & web application security
CybersecAsia 2020
Readers' Choice Awards 2021 Best Application Development Security: IAST Software
Readers' Choice Awards 2021
Best Application Development Security
A view of Synopsys Seeker web-based application security dashboard open on a laptop screen

Focus on real web-based application vulnerabilities

Our patented active verification technology

  • Automatically retests identified application vulnerabilities and validates whether they are real and can be exploited
  • Provides a real-time view of the top security vulnerabilities
  • Delivers insights into the sensitive data flow and API calls for immediate remediation

Protect sensitive data

Sensitive-data tracking shows you where your most critical information and secrets are stored without sufficient encryption, helping ensure compliance with key industry standards and regulations, including PCI DSS and GDPR.

Integrate with CI/CD and DevOps workflows

Seeker is easy to deploy and scale in your CI/CD development workflows. Native integrations, web APIs, and plugins provide seamless integration with the tools you use for on-premises and cloud-, microservices-, and container-based development. You’ll get accurate results out of the box, without extensive configuration, custom services, or tuning.

Seeker monitors web app interactions in the background during normal testing and can quickly process hundreds of thousands of HTTP(S) requests, giving you results in seconds with near-zero false positives—no need to run manual security scans.

Secure APIs, microservices, and web services

Seeker discovers all known and unknown APIs in your application portfolio, dynamically scans them for vulnerabilities, and reports on findings in visual dashboards. Seeker detects API and web interfaces, including microservices like gRPC, by finding specifications for REST, SOAP, and GraphQL APIs and verifying their security posture.

Streamline security compliance and remediation

Seeker makes security compliance reporting easy. Detailed dashboards show compliance with OWASP Top 10, PCI DSS, GDPR, and CWE/SANS Top 25, as well as alerts when applications expose sensitive information. Seeker also pinpoints vulnerable lines of code and provides detailed contextual remediation advice via e-learning, which helps your development teams learn and fix vulnerabilities quickly.

Identify risk in open source and third-party libraries

Seeker integrates Black Duck® Binary Analysis, which analyzes target binaries for open source security vulnerabilities, versioning, and license information and matches them against the knowledgebase in Black Duck Hub. You get a unified view of all identified vulnerabilities found in custom code and component libraries.

Secure your web apps before they are at risk of costly data breaches

Seeker saves you valuable time, resources, and costs by enabling your developers to fix critical security flaws early in the SDLC. Not only can you reduce your risk by securing apps before they go to production, you can also significantly reduce your pen testing requirements, as shown by Forrester Research.

A comparison of cost and risk before and after Synopsys' IAST tool, Seeker IAST deployment

Source: Amy DeMartine, Construct a Business Case for Interactive Application Security Testing, Forrester, Nov. 2017.

Secure your web apps with IAST