A Discussion on Software Security & Static Analysis Tools

January 22, 2007

The tenth episode of The Silver Bullet Security Podcast features a panel discussion with the Fortify Software Technical Advisory Board, several of whom have been featured on previous episodes. The group discusses what commercial software tools can learn from academic research, the state of software security in China, real world lessons learned while using static analysis tools, and software security pedagogy.

Participating members of the Technical Advisory Board include:

  • Bill Pugh, Professor at University of Maryland, static analysis for finding bugs
  • Li Gong, GM at Microsoft, MSN in China
  • Marcus Ranum, CSO of Tenable Network Security, security products trainer
  • Avi Rubin, Professor at Johns Hopkins, electronic voting security
  • Fred Schneider, Professor at Cornell, trustworthy computing
  • Greg Morrisett, Professor at Harvard, dependant type theory
  • Matt Bishop, Professor at UC Davis, computer security
  • Dave Wagner, Professor at Berkeley, software security and electronic voting

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A Discussion on Software Security & Static Analysis Tools