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Threat Modeling for Mobile Applications

Software developers are all too familiar with the influx of mobile technology. Adapting to the ever-changing evolution of platform features, user preferences, programming language shifts, and so on—it’s hard to keep up with basic functionality in the mobile ecosystem. Keeping up with security is also becoming harder. It’s not something the average developer appreciates on even the best day. Mobile requires a different threat model than other platforms. Developers must understand this threat model to build apps securely. Failing to build security into apps can lead to catastrophic results. Within this resource, we’ll address this challenge head-on by providing actionable guidance.

Download the complete eBook to:

  • Shine a light onto the different types of threat models and how they affect mobile security.
  • Explore specific controls that protect assets from threat agents in each type of threat model.
  • Learn why and how the mobile ecosystem is different from the Web ecosystem.
Threat Modeling for Mobile Applications eBook | Synopsys