AppSec Risk: The Dangers and How to Manage Them

As software continues to deliver more features than ever before, its quality and security are increasingly crucial to the success of every organization. Building secure software makes business sense for a variety of reasons, including diminishing financial liability and improving competitive advantage. 

Keeping track of every software vulnerability, however, is taxing and time-consuming—and often counterproductive. As application security (AppSec) testing tools have proliferated in recent years, breaches and other incidents have kept pace. 

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So what's an organization to do to prevent the next cyber attack

This eBook, the first in a two-part series, examines that question through the lens of AppSec risk. It delves into the toolbox organizations use to manage risk as well as the challenges they face, including issue correlation, issue normalization, and issue suppression. 

AppSec Risk: The Dangers and How to Manage Them - eBook Cover | Synopsys