Manage Risk of Third-party Code

Protecode Enterprise™

Protecode Enterprise™ is a comprehensive Software Composition Analysis (SCA) solution enabling secure and safe use of third-party code in products. Leverage Protecode Enterprise within development and testing processes or in the legal compliance departments to manage risks arising from the use of third-party code, including open source, internally developed, outsourced, and commercial code.

Product Overview

Protecode Enterprise allows organizations to automatically generate and maintain a comprehensive software Bill of Materials (BOM) for their software and systems, track and monitor vulnerabilities affecting third-party components, and manage open source license compliance. 

Protecode Enterprise is a flexible solution offering both source code and binary analysis that easily integrates into R&D continuous integration (CI) environments. It fully supports legal and compliance team workflows and enables other stakeholders to minimize risks associated with the use of third-party code.

Key Features

Protecode Enterprise is a comprehensive SCA solution that ensures software signoff at various phases of the software development life cycle (SDLC), allowing for secure, safe, and risk-free use of third-party code in products.

Software Bill of Materials (BOM) Generation 

Automatically generate and maintain an up-to-date software BOM. Maintaining a software BOM within R&D is the most cost effective way for all stakeholders from R&D, to legal, to maintenance to obtain up-to-date information on the composition of software packages. Alternatively legal and other stakeholders can run their own analyses using their preferred workflows. 

The Key Beneficiaries Of Protecode Enterprise

Corporate Managers

  • CEOs: Reduce overall business risk by removing uncertainties around the use of third-party code in your products
  • Legal: Reduce liability by preventing vulnerable products from shipping and assisting in FOSS license compliance & protection
  • M&A: Gain visibility into, and reduce the risk of, technology acquisitions and transfers 
  • Sales: Reduce licensing indemnity delays

Product & Development Managers

  • Actionable transparency into third-party code in software project via automated identification of software BOM
  • Reduce R&D cost and accelerate time to market by automating tasks often done manually
  • Tracking of known vulnerabilities affecting third-party code used in projects
  • Assessments and reports on open source software management, license obligations, and license compatibility 
  • Prevent unapproved copy/paste open source project code from entering your code base 

Investment & Legal Companies

  • Reduce software portfolio discovery costs as part of M&A or technology transfer
  • Gain transparency into code portfolio 

Software Contractors

  • Reduce licensing indemnity costs 
  • Communicate professional operation 
  • Enhance competitiveness 

Free Open Source Contributors

  • Offer pedigreed content 
  • Enhance appeal and adoption

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) provides a high level impact in security, liability and risk mitigation almost instantly for its adoptees. SUPPORTED LANGUAGES

Supported Languages

  • C, C++
  • C#
  • Objective C
  • Java
  • Java Script
  • Pascal
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Visual Basic

Supported Environments

  • Multi-core processor
  • Windows or Linux
  • 8GB+ RAM, 2GB minimum  disk space recommended 

Supported File Types

  • Source files
  • Binary files
  • Archive files