Security Control Design Analysis Datasheet

How well do your security controls align with industry best practices?

We’ll help you scale a standardized design review process across your entire portfolio to identify where software security related elements of your system design don’t adhere to industry best practices.

Find flaws that typical tests miss

Our experts review up to eleven key security controls to find system defects related to security controls that are not identified through other activities such as pen testing, DAST, or SAST. These include:

  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Cryptography
  • Input Validation
  • Output Encoding
  • Auditing/Logging

  • Availability
  • Monitoring/Alerting
  • Session Management
  • Runtime Environment Verification
  • Password Storage

Are your security controls as strong as they should be?

What you’ll find with SCDA

  1. Analysis of security controls
    We’ll identify when security controls have been:
    • Reviewed and align with best practices
    • Reviewed and violate best practices
    • Reviewed and are missing
    • Haven’t been reviewed
    • Aren’t applicable
  2. Systemic software security problems
    An SCDA will highlight security problems within a:
    • Region
    • Business unit
    • Tech stack
    • Specific attack
  3. Useful insights
    The insight an SCDA gives you into your software will help you improve your SDLC by highlighting what to test, where additional training might be recommended, and more.

Whenever possible, guidance is provided on how to mitigate the identified risks and conform to industry best practices.