Software Test Optimization (TestAdvisor)

Discover which tests matter most

In today’s world of agile development, frequent code changes are not only expected, but also encouraged. Because code changes only account for roughly 10% of the total code, 100% testing isn’t always warranted. The Synopsys Software Test Optimization tool enables organizations to minimize risk and time to market by facilitating efficient and effective testing.

Shrink test cycles an get to market faster

By mapping the impact of code changes to business risk, our Software Test Optimization tool provides intelligent test recommendations that provide the maximum risk coverage in the least amount of time.

1. Objectively measure testing completeness

Test smarter and faster by focusing testing efforts on new, modified, or critical code instead of unreachable, debug, log, or dead code. By detecting testing deficiencies, our Software Test Optimization tool provides test coverage knowledge that help organizations prioritize valuable resources on testing efforts with the greatest impact.

2. Define and manage organizations policies for consistent testing across projects

Using code characteristics such as modification date, impact of code change, complexity, location, and code construct, organizations can enforce testing requirements. When policies are violated, issues are automatically flagged and managed through workflows and reporting. By enforcing a standard for testing, the Synopsys Software Test Optimization eliminates guesswork and organizations know that their code is properly tested.

3. Maximize coverage without compromising time to market

Our Software Test Optimization tool identifies test gaps by correlating functionality or code changes to business risk. Using this model, our Software Test Optimization tool accurately forecasts the impact potential changes have on your test plans.

Our intelligent forecasting engine also carefully monitors the time required to run each test to provide recommendations on the shortest test sets that most effectively verifies your code and functionalities changes. Now, organizations are empowered to optimize on tight release schedules.

4. Enhance collaboration between development and QA teams

The Synopsys Software Test Optimization tool brings development and QA teams closer through a single platform that provides intelligence on manual and black box testing. By evaluating testing needs from a developer and QA perspective, our Software Test Optimization tool improves communication and aligns objectives across teams.

5. Integrate in-depth testing without slowing down productivity

Our Software Test Optimization tool not only integrates into your existing tools and framework, but also operates silently in the background as you code, minimizing disturbances and enhancing productivity. 

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