Managed Application Security Testing

You focus on running your business. We focus on keeping it secure.

We believe that our security-as-a-service model provides organizations of all sizes and markets the flexibility, scalability, and cost effectiveness to secure the applications that power their business.

A portal for on-demand testing

Our on-demand portal empowers you to quickly address changing assessment requirements, adapt to agile development cycles, and respond to evolving threats. With our easy-to navigate portal you can readily:

  • Schedule and reschedule tests as you need them.
  • View and download test results and share them among team members and across departments.
  • Track what work has been requested and completed.
  • Manage test depth.
  • Access test history and aggregate data about broader testing activity.
  • Get tailored remediation guidance.

Flexibility to choose the best test every time

Because we are tool-neutral, we’re able to hand-pick the tools that best fit your specific needs—from automated open source, proprietary, and commercial. Our security engineers use these best-in-breed tools to “attack” the target and uncover vulnerabilities in your software.

The resources you need—only when you need them

Organizations that test in-house are immediately constrained by staff capacity. But factors such as the testing demands of agile development cycles conspire to create uneven, non-linear demand. Don’t get stuck paying for idle hands or get caught offguard without the resources you need. Our managed services approach provides your organization access to the testing capacity it needs when it needs it—only when it needs it.

Optimize the tools you use

Practice makes proficient. We run thousands of tests a year and assimilates the experience and expertise gained from these tests into our managed services. Our clients tell us that they get testing of much higher fidelity from us—even when they use the same set of testing tools we employ.

A simple way to get the security testing coverage you need.

Access to established security experts

Our managed services provides your organization invaluable access to hundreds of experts. These experts provide critical remediation guidance to your team, empowering them to fix what is found in the testing process.

We help you implement, enhance, and scale a testing program that spans the breadth and depth of your application portfolio.

5 premium assessments

We offer multiple assessment types so you can match the depth of test to the risk profile of each application in your portfolio including:

  1. Dynamic Application Security Test (DAST)
    DAST uses penetration testing while web applications are running to simulate an attack by a skilled and motivated attacker so you can identify security vulnerabilities and determine real-world risk to your organization.
  2. Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
    Scan source code and systematically find and eliminate software security vulnerabilities.
  3. Penetration Testing
    A combination of automated scanning and manual testing to find vulnerabilities regardless of where they exist including: client-side code, server-side code, third-party libraries, and underlying mobile platforms. 
  4. Mobile Application Security Testing
    Delivered as-a-service to assess security of iOS and Android applications and their backend components. 
  5. Network Security Testing
    A systematic way to identify and eliminate security vulnerabilities in your external network(s).