Internet of Things Security Datasheet

Catch the IoT Wave—Securely

IoT is transforming entire industries, creating tremendous benefits but also introducing new risks.  The security risks surrounding IoT software and applications are snowballing as developers are pressured to get devices either to the marketplace or into use within an enterprise as soon as possible. As billions of devices become connected to IoT, security solutions enable their safe and reliable operation.

With over twenty years as a leader in software security, we are uniquely positioned to adapt and apply software security best practices to your IoT development initiative, or to help you assess your risk exposure to IoT products within your business.

Why hackers are breaking into IoT

IOT devices are making networks less secure, since many of them are connected to otherwise secure networks (such as those at large businesses) without IT fully understanding that a new set of devices is now part of the network. It’s important to understand that;

  1. What makes IoT devices smart and interoperate with other devices is software.
  2. If software is not designed to be secure, it will contain vulnerabilities and can be exploited to gain access to the device.
  3. If a device is infiltrated, data is exposed, and hackers can pivot to reach other connected targets on the network including the back-end application server.

The tide may be changing, but the rules have not

More and more industries are building IoT devices, however many are not familiar with the necessary measures needed to make software secure. Fortunately, the fundamentals of software security are the same no matter where it lives. Our experts know how to adapt these security fundamentals to the unique features of the IoT ecosystem to help you get up to speed quickly and achieve a greater maturity level.

Groundbreaking flexibility, scalability, and reliability

4 steps to a successful IoT security solution

Our goal is to help you deliver a sustainable IoT security initiative that provides continuous and comprehensive security risk identification and mitigation. We do this by empowering you to:

  1. Integrate security into every aspect of your SDLC.
  2. Educate your developers.
  3. Implement penetration testing.
  4. Perform threat modeling.

We have the expertise, tools, and services you need to ‘build security in’

Our approach is grounded in the fundamentals of technology risk management, which include:

  • Penetration Testing: Eliminate vulnerabilities in your device, server- side  applications  and APIs by testing in the QA and production environments.
  • Red Teaming: Ensure your network, physical, and social attack surfaces are secure.
  • SAST:  Quickly scan code and find vulnerabilities using both automated and manual approaches.
  • Architecture & Design: Identify design flaws, which cause 50% of security vulnerabilities.
  • Security Training: Teach your developers the art of coding securely from the start.
  • Program Design & Development: Establish and implement  governance  and processes.


Within a few years, IoT will be so widespread that every enterprise will have hundreds— if not thousands—of Internet-enabled devices or applications in use. Enterprises must put in the effort now to ensure they are developing securely, or they risk leaving their networks open in the future.