Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST)

Track down vulnerabilities that pose a real threat to critical data

Web applications are a prime target for attacks because they are the weakest security point for many enterprises. Synopsys’ Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) tool helps organizations strengthen their application layer by detecting security vulnerabilities that pose a real threat to critical data.

Protect your business, data, and reputation from breaches

Using our unique runtime code and data-flow correlation, our IAST tool verifies the exploitability of each security vulnerability, determines the business risk of each vulnerability, and provides full remediation guidance to help organizations protect their web applications against attacks.

1. Identify real business threats

By analyzing the code as it runs, line by line, and monitoring the interaction of the code with your sensitive data, across all application tiers and components, our IAST tool verifies results and correlates the business impact of each vulnerability. Using a unique blend of dynamic testing and runtime code analysis, IAST tool detects all type of vulnerabilities, including complex vulnerabilities and logical flaws not detectable by any other technology.

2. Receive step-by-step advice that outline clear paths to remediation

We provide focused remediation guidance that enable organizations to fix issues, even if they don’t have security expertise. When vulnerabilities are detected, our IAST tool provides all necessary information to fix vulnerabilities, including:

  • Clear explanations of the risks
  • Technical descriptions
  • Vulnerable lines of code and suggested code fixes
  • Context-based remediation instructions
  • Vulnerability classification based on risk and impact on data
  • Video demonstrations of the attack on your applications

Tied together through a simple, intuitive user interface, our IAST makes advanced security testing and remediation easy for anyone.

3. Enable agile development with a lean and nimble IAST solution

With our IAST tool, we’re debunking the myth that continuous development and application security cannot co-exist. Continuous development is known for its leanness and speed, so we’ve built our IAST solution with the same principles in mind.

  • Accuracy: Synopsys IAST results have zero false positives, meaning every identified vulnerability is real and exploitable. Our lean assessments ensure your valuable resources aren’t wasted. By eliminating wasted efforts, our IAST tool empower organizations to deliver projects quickly and affordably, maximizing return on investment.
  • Agility: Our automated, ongoing testing enable organizations to quickly and fully test web application in short development cycles, even for new code or as part of regression testing. By offering a nimble solution that adapts to last-minute, frequent code changes, organizations can seamlessly integrate quality and security testing without compromising on time to market.

4. Encourage consistent security and quality practices across projects

No matter who’s developing the code, ensure security and quality consistency across projects through ongoing training. With our IAST solution, organizations are taught how to develop secure, quality code while they code. Our approach to training not only improves the project in progress, but also makes future iterations of projects easier.

We have the expertise, tools, and services you need

Synopsys offers the most comprehensive solution for building security and quality into your SDLC and supply chain. Many customers who implement our IAST tool also use:

  • Fuzz Testing (Defensics): Complement our Interactive Application Security Testing tool’s web application testing by assessing the security and robustness of your underlying stack.
  • Static Analysis (Coverity): Prevent security vulnerabilities by detecting and remediating defects and security weaknesses while you code.
  • Software Composition Analysis (Protecode): Augment our Interactive Application Security Testing tool’s findings by identifying known vulnerabilities in your third-party code.