Fuzz Testing Tool

Uncover and remediate unknown vulnerabilities in your software

The number of ways to misuse a system is infinite, however your resources to test for security issues are not. By effectively and efficiently reducing the infinite pile of misuse cases to those that matter most, our Intelligent Fuzz Testing tool uncovers hidden unknown vulnerabilities, helping organizations improve software security and robustness.

Prevent exploitations with resilient software

With over 15 years of experience identifying high profile vulnerabilities, our Fuzz Testing tool not only uncovers dangerous unknown vulnerabilities, but also provides expert remediation advice to help organizations future-proof the software they rely on.

1. Employs a proven method for uncovering weaknesses

Fuzzing is a method of software testing that uncovers failure modes and unknown vulnerabilities by deliberately sending malformed inputs to a target. Because it’s a common technique utilized by hackers, Synopsys Fuzz Testing employs dynamic, black box testing, meaning it requires no source code, to simulate real-life scenarios. Fortify your software against hackers and hostile environments with Synopsys Fuzz Testing.

2. An intelligent fuzzer that understands your software

The power of Synopsys Fuzz Testing lies in the tool’s deep understanding of the network protocols, file formats, and applications. By utilizing its full knowledge of the input type and messaging sequence, the Synopsys Fuzzer tests intelligently and systematically to yield optimal results. Synopsys Fuzz Testing offers an extensive library of protocol specific attack patterns that automatically mutate to new variations to uncover difficult-to-find failure modes and unknown vulnerabilities.

3. Offers the widest protocol coverages in the industry

Synopsys Fuzz Testing offers advanced test suites for 250+ standard network protocols, file formats, and other interfaces. Test suites are continuously added, improved, and supported by a dedicated team of engineers, so you don’t have to bear the responsibility and burden of manual test creation.

If our library of test suites doesn’t cover your uncommon, custom, or proprietary protocols, file formats, and interfaces, leverage the Synopsys Fuzz Testing Software Development Kit (SDK). Simply plug it into the Synopsys Fuzz Testing framework and fuzz away.
4. Expert guidance outline clear paths to remediation

Once a failure is detected, the Synopsys Fuzzer supplies detailed documentation to help organizations identify and fix issues. Replay test recordings or review logs of message exchanges to analyze or reproduce failures. We’re serious about your confidentiality; we’ve encrypt remediation packages to facilitate safe disclosure within an organization or between organizations.

5. Advanced fuzz testing made easy for anyone

Not a security expert? No problem. Synopsys Fuzz Testing’s out-of-the-box functionalities make advanced fuzz testing easy for anyone. The Synopsys Fuzz Testing tool’s intuitive interface and pre-built test suites were developed so that once you learn how to use one test suite, you know how to use them all.

We have the expertise, tools, and services you need

Synopsys offers the most comprehensive solution for building security and quality into your SDLC and supply chain. Many of our customers that implement Synopsys Fuzz Testing also use:

  • Fuzz Testing SDK Premium: Enjoy full SDK capabilities, including access to our fuzzing and modeling engine, protocol model generation with PCAP import, built-in injectors for TCP/IP, HTTP, TLS, UDP, Websocket and files, and many more.
  • Software Composition Analysis: Scan for known and unknown vulnerabilities by complement Fuzz Testing with Software Composition Analysis, allowing for total vulnerability management