S2E Improves time to market and code quality with Synopsys Software Test Optimization (Test Advisor)


Services Epargne Entreprise (S2E) was born in 2006 as a joint-venture between four major players in employee savings: AXA, BNP Paribas, HSBC and Société Générale. It has quickly established itself as the market standard for innovative, quality service. The platform now processes transactions of more than 3 million employee customers for 50% of CAC40 companies and more than 80,000 SMEs.

Companies in the employee savings industry, like S2E, must respond to the following market requirements:

  • Reactivity: Regulatory changes are difficult to anticipate and trade issues require implementation, testing, and deployment of new versions more and more quickly.
  • Quality: S2E (ISO 9001) must inscribe quality in its DNA to provide quality service and maintain customer base satisfaction.
Benjamin Boutin, S2E QA Manager, specifies, “At the IT level, it’s an ongoing challenge to deliver the expected quality while adapting to the needs of our clients.”

We studied the market and identified [Synopsys’] Test Advisor solution as the only technology which could meet our needs to better target our tests."

Benjamin Boutin


S2E QA Manager

High stakes

In 2013, S2E undertook the redesign of its Web portals, a strategic channel for processing customer transactions. The team at S2E had to adapt to shorter iterations that deliver incremental improvements because the organization traditional to a V-cycle process to a hybrid process, which comprised of agile development with a complete software validation phase. This tight schedule made systematic testing at each iteration impossible; testing efforts required a focused functional scope and regression testing required optimization.

Benjamin Boutin explains, “We studied the market and identified [Synopsys] Software Test Optimization solution as the only technology which could meet our needs to better target our tests. However, we still had to put it to the test!”

Deployment and integration of the solution

Synopsys made the Software Test Optimization tool available to S2E outline a proof of concept. The ease of implementation was the first pleasant surprise for Benjamin Boutin, “The SaaS/Cloud mode makes for speedy implementation and the solution has no impact on the performance of our test servers. Finally, the quality of the [Synopsys] support teams, well above market standards, allowed us to be operational in a just a few days!”

Thanks to the plug-ins offered by Synopsys, the Software Test Optimization tool naturally integrated with the tools used by S2E: Maven/Jenkins for continuous integration, JUnit for unit testing, HP Quality Center (QC) for manual testing.

Business Benefits

A More Agile Test Process
Thanks to Synopsys Software Test Optimization, S2E gained testing agility and is able to accelerate development cycles.

More Effective Tests
With clear visibility into the changes in each release as well as the code impact of the changes, S2Es is able to reduce the number of test to run.

Enhanced Confidence in Deliverables
Through greater collaboration between development and testing, S2E receives clear indicators of deployment readiness.

A very effective solution with tangible benefits

The first priority for the S2E testing team was to have complete visibility of all changes and updates between each version of the Web platforms, which is essential to ensure compliance and stability. Benjamin Boutin shares a specific example, “[Synopsys] Software Test Optimization provides an inventory of optimizations and technical improvements.”

The second priority was to know exactly where to focus testing efforts to effectively save time and avoiding unnecessary tests. Again, mission accomplished by Synopsys met both priorities. Banjamin Boutin happily points out, “Overall, thanks to [Synopsys] Software Test Optimization’s impact analysis, we save more or less 10% workload on each of our test campaigns.”

He continues, “With the visibility provided by the solution, no test is spared, but we don’t waste any time testing the same elements several times.”


Synopsys Software Test Optimization has helped S2E effectively address the challenges they had with responsiveness and quality, while remaining within budget. Because of Synopsys Software Test Optimization’s undeniable ROI, the solution has become a standardized tool within the organization and will expand to other application of S2E’s IT infrastructure.