Moving Toward Better Software Security Testing for Financial Services

The financial sector is under cyber-siege from highly motivated and increasingly sophisticated attackers ranging from cybercriminals to nation states. Despite these threats, the financial services industry continues to rely on applications and systems that are vulnerable to attack.

This paper explores why applications in the financial sector are being targeted, what is motivating the attackers, and what are some of the application security inhibitors. Most important, this paper specifies best practices for developing a secure software development life cycle (SSDLC) to proactively safeguard applications from security risk.

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You will learn how:

  • Secure software design and architecture can prevent costly remediation efforts in the future
  • Threat-modeling can help identify and mitigate attack surfaces, vulnerabilities and potential attack paths well before deployment
  • The use of automated testing tools can help maintain developer efficiency and support agile or rapid development environments
  • Software supply chain security risk can be managed as part of an application security program
Software Security Testing for Financial Services report | Synopsys