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DevSecOps: Application Security Tool Use Between Development and Information Security Nears Parity

Developers and security teams are collaborating to an unprecedented degree in their use of application security testing (AST) tools. According to 451 Research data, a steady, multiyear trend toward greater collaboration has reached near parity in tool usage for the two teams.

This research report looks at legacy approaches to security, including performing security testing  during or just prior to production, and why those approaches can't keep up with the speed of DevOps. It also examines emerging approaches, such as kicking off security processes via Jenkins or running software composition analysis at the time of code check-in or pull request, and their increased adoption by development teams.

The report also looks at the implications of this collaborative trend, and how AST tools serve the needs of security and development teams.

Explore the latest collaborative trend between security and development teams and how AST tools serve the needs of DevSecOps.

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DevSecOps: Application security tool use between development and information security nears parity - Analyst Report | Synopsys