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SAST tools are critical for uncovering and eliminating issues in proprietary code early in the SDLC. But what about the code your developers didn’t write? The 2020 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis (OSSRA) report found that 70% of the code in an average application is open source.


Why add SCA? 

The combination of SAST and SCA can help deliver higher-fidelity results. The addition of SCA capabilities within an existing suite of testing tools can simplify installation, integration, administration and maintenance."

Gartner Technology Insight for Software Composition Analysis


Dale Gardner, November 1, 2019

Combine the strengths of Coverity with Black Duck, the industry’s leading SCA solution.

A software composition analysis (SCA) tool is as imperative to your software development strategy as using SAST to test the code your developers write.

Identify open source and eliminate quality, license, and security risk.

Build continuous quality and security into the SDLC.

Implement SCA and SAST together for a stronger software development strategy.

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Secure and manage open source from development to deployment

Black Duck software composition analysis combines versatile open source risk management and deep binary inspection in a best-in-class solution. Black Duck gives development, operations, procurement, and security teams the tools they need to minimize the security, compliance, and code quality risks of open source and other third-party software, while still realizing the benefits that come with it.

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SAST & SCA results, together in the IDE

The Code Sight IDE plug-in brings Coverity and Black Duck findings together right on the developer’s desktop. With Code Sight, developers can address security issues in both proprietary code and open source dependencies, as they code, without leaving the IDE.

Code Sight’s combined analysis helps eliminate testing siloes and gives developers the visibility they need to address security issues holistically, so they can deliver secure, high-quality software, faster.

What our customers say 

We needed a solution to ensure we were tracking and managing open source and commercial components as part of our overall software security initiative."

John Vrankovich


JDA Software

Black Duck met Entersekt’s checklist of what we needed in an open source vulnerability management solution better than any other vendor."

Philip Botha



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