Actionable Threat Intelligence


Monitor Threat Data

The internet faces fresh challenges daily as new actors emerge with exploits and threats. Compromised networks play host to a wide range of malicious activity, from violations of privacy to financial fraud. This produces a never-ending firehose of threat data for the incident responders to sift through, with false positives often paralyzing these organizations and preventing an effective response.

Gain Situational Awareness

AbuseSA is a feed-agnostic threat intelligence platform that collects and rationalizes threat data into actionable intelligence.  It puts you in control, turning the barrage information from threat intelligence feeds into actionable intelligence. It turns security incidents into situational awareness that matters.

Reduce incident response time and provide real situational awareness

Remediate Faster

AbuseSA helps reduce your incident response times and lets security analysts focus on the tasks that are difficult to automate. It provides real situational awareness. Security analysts are then able to focus on the “really hard stuff.”

Data Collection & Analysis with AbusaSA, threat intelligence platform

Automate Collection

AbuseSA enables organizations to manage cyber threats and abuse effectively by automating the time-consuming task of data collection and analysis. When an incident is detected, automation gets the information to the end user so that the remediation can take place.

Feed Aggregation - Threat Intelligence Platform

Aggregate Feeds

Cut through the noise with our data aggregation. AbuseSA collects data from a broad range of threat intelligence feeds distributed by leading security companies as well as ecosystem partners that provide feeds voluntarily. AbuseSA can consume a variety of formats (XML, CSV, JSON, etc.).

Automated Incident Reports - Threat Intelligence Platform

Unify Reporting

AbuseSA automatically generates incident reports so the end users can clean their networks. It visualizes the state of threats on your network so that you can zoom in on what matters, quickly understand the threats, and who is responding to them (and who isn’t!).

Take Action

Synopsys is setting the standard with actionable threat intelligence. See what AbuseSA can do for your organization.