Synopsys and Amazon Web Services

Automate open source security in the AWS cloud

Open source security for development in AWS

Build applications and containers safely in the cloud without sacrificing agility, visibility, or control.

Automation and containerization help you build fast and deliver continuously. But they can make managing security a challenge—especially understanding the exact contents of containers you ship—and that can slow the process. Building security into the CI pipeline in your cloud development environment gives you the visibility, agility, and speed you need for fast, continuous delivery. By integrating Black Duck by Synopsys with the development tools you use in AWS, you can scan images in your container registry, automate build scans in your CI pipeline, and stay notified of any security vulnerabilities or policy violations found in your open source code.


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Amazon Web Services

Build and delivery

AWS CodeBuild

Managed build service

EC2 Container Registry

Docker image storage

AWS CodePipeline

CI/CD services

Automated security for cloud development

Scan during the SDLC

Scan during the SDLC

Kick off scans using AWS-supported development tools, such as Visual Studio, Eclipse, Jenkins, and Artifactory.

Ongoing monitoring

Ongoing monitoring

Black Duck will monitor your code and alert you to newly reported vulnerabilities associated with open source in use.

Secure containers

Secure containers

Ensure the security and compliance of your containers using Black Duck for Elastic Container Registry.

Automated security

CI pipeline integration

Integrate open source scans into CI pipelines to increase speed and agility while ensuring security and compliance.