How Audi Brings Smart Everything to Life

Audi is a pioneer in the new era of Smart Everything. While paving the way for a sustainable mobile future, Audi lighting technology plays a powerful role. With functionality driven by software and hardware, Audi is creating iconic lighting by improving safety all while maintaining the stylish Audi design you’ve grown accustomed to.

Innovation Driven by Electronics and Software

As automobiles become smarter by the day, Audi is innovating in the new era of Smart Everything. Powerful electronic processors. Connected, secure software. Infotainment systems. Safety systems. LiDAR. RADAR. Lighting systems. All of these must work in unison to create a safe and comfortable driving experience.

Audi's innovation combines high-performance computers and complex electronic architectures to create the best driving experience for their customers.

Bring Life into the Car with Lighting

The human eye requires illumination to see at night. When you are driving during night time, the light in your car must react to all situations.

Lighting is part of the complete electronic infrastructure. Audi is bringing Smart Everything to life by creating light that is more emotional and more personalized.

Drive Innovation from the Inside Out

Automotive systems require increasing amounts of compute power and software content―and years of development time. Accelerate the process with Synopsys. We help you build smarter, more secure chips and software―faster―for safety-critical applications like intelligent lighting, ADAS, adaptive cruise control, and autonomous driving.