Simpleware Physics Modules

Absolute permeability calculation in Simpleware FLOW

Simpleware SOLID, FLOW and LAPLACE

Simpleware SOLID, FLOW and LAPLACE calculate effective material properties from image data using Finite Element-based homogenization techniques. Quick-semi-analytical estimates or simulations in a built-in FE solver can be used to compute properties for samples (CT, micro-CT, FIB-SEM...). Calculate effective linear elastic properties in SOLID, absolute permeability in FLOW and electrical/thermal/molecular properties in LAPLACE. Choose from a range of boundary conditions and visualize and export your results.

Why use the Simpleware Physics Modules?

SOLID, FLOW and LAPLACE provide a fast and reliable solution for quantifying effective material properties, whether used as individual modules or as a bundle.

Thermal conductivity calculation in Simpleware LAPLACE

  • Easy-to-use: Rapidly calculate effective properties within the core Simpleware ScanIP environment.
  • Automated, robust, fast: Choice of predefined settings simplify analysis of complex materials.
  • Accurate and reliable: Innovative tools provided ensure accuracy of results.
  • Flexible: Calculated effective properties can be displayed in multiple ways.
  • Compatible: Options to export data to all leading FE/CFD solvers.
  • Fully supported: All licences come with full support from our expert team of application engineers.

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Calculate Effective Material Properties from 3D Images

Simpleware SOLID

  • Calculate effective stiffness tensor/elastic moduli
  • Full simulations with built-in FE solver
  • Model multiphase materials
  • Quick semi-analytical estimates
  • Visualize deformations, stress and strain
  • Automatic calculation of best-fit isotropic and orthotropic approximations to calculated effective tensors
Permeability through porous media in Simpleware FLOW
Displacement visualization in Simpleware SOLID

Simpleware FLOW

  • Calculate absolute permeability of samples of porous material
  • Full simulations with built-in Stokes solver
  • Visualize velocities and pressures
  • Automatic calculation of best-fit isotropic and uniaxial approximations

Simpleware LAPLACE

  • Calculate effective electrical conductivity and permittivity
  • Calculate thermal conductivity
  • Calculate molecular diffusivity
  • Full simulations with built-in FE solver
  • Quick semi-analytical estimates
  • Model multiphase materials
  • Visualize fields
  • Automatic calculation of best-fit isotropic and uniaxial approximations
Stiffness tensor and elastic moduli calculation in Simpleware SOLID

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Simpleware SOLID Module

Simpleware FLOW Module

Simpleware LAPLACE Module

Generate High Quality Volume Meshes (Hex/Tet or All Tet)

Automated Gray Level based Material Property Assignment



Calculate Effective Elastic Properties



Calculate Absolute Permeability



Calculate Effective Thermal and Electric Properties



Visualize FE Simulation Results

All the Tools and Features in Simpleware Physics Modules

The Simpleware Physics Modules provide extensive features for calculating effective material properties. Download the Simpleware Physics modules technical datasheet for a list of all features available in the latest release.


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