Compare Features

Compare Software Module Features

Feature ScanIP Software FE Module CAD Module NURBS Module SOLID Module FLOW Module LAPLACE Module
Import Image Data (incl. CT, MRI, Jpeg …)
Volume Rendering
Measurement and Statistics Tools
Robust Booleans Between Parts
Generate High Quality Surface Mesh
Export STL
Generate High Quality Volume Meshes (Hex/Tet or All Tet)  
Automated Greyscale based Material Property Assignment  
Export FE Mesh (Abaqus, Ansys etc.)  
Export CFD Mesh (Fluent etc.)  
Import Surface Objects (CAD/STL)    
Position Surface Objects within Image    
Surface Object Editing (Group, Ungroup, Booleans)    
Feature Edge Preservation    
Internal Structures Wizard    
Landmark registration tool for surface objects    
Export NURBS Surfaces      
Calculate Effective Elastic Properties        
Calculate Absolute Permeability          
Calculate Effective Thermal and Electric Properties            
Visualize FE Simulation Results