Compare Simpleware Software Module Features


ScanIP Software

ScanIP Medical Software

AS Ortho Module

Custom Modeler Module

FE Module

CAD Module

NURBS Module

SOLID Module

FLOW Module


Import Image Data (incl. CT, MRI, Jpeg …)





























Volume Rendering


























































Measurement and Statistics Tools





























Shape Fitting and Stats





























Wall Thickness Analysis





























Robust Booleans Between Parts




























Generate and Probe Centerline Networks





























Generate High Quality Surface Mesh





























Export STL



























CE Marked and FDA (510k) Cleared






























Store, Manage, and Anonymize DICOM tags






























Compatible with PACS






























Generate Virtual X-rays






























Automated Segmentation of Hips and Knees






























Automated Placement of Anatomical Landmarks for Hips and Knees






























Fully Customized Automated Image Processing Solution






























Import existing volume meshes






























Generate High Quality Volume Meshes (Hex/Tet or All Tet)



























Automated Greyscale based Material Property Assignment 





























Export FE Mesh (Abaqus, Ansys etc.)






























Export CFD Mesh (Fluent etc.)






























Import Surface Objects (CAD/STL)






























Position Surface Objects within Image           






























Surface Object Editing (Group, Ungroup, Booleans)






























Feature Edge Preservation






























Internal Structures Wizard






























Landmark registration tool for surface objects






























Export NURBS Surfaces






























Calculate Effective Elastic Properties






























Calculate Absolute Permeability






























Calculate Effective Thermal and Electric Properties






























Visualize FE Simulation Results




























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