Simpleware Case Study: Lattice Creation for Additive Manufacturing Footwear


Footprint 3D creates customized footwear using Simpleware lattice tools and Additive Manufacturing, tackling challenges such as fit, consumer purchasing demands, and environmental waste. Uniquely contoured soles are generated to fit specific needs using 3D image data, with an infinitely variable range of size options virtually tested prior to creating footwear soles. This process reduces waste, saves time, and maximizes comfort and functionality for users.


  • 3D scan data used to generate unique contoured soles from customer and patient's feet
  • Midsole and insole designs incorporate Simpleware lattices tailored for ergonomic needs and support
  • Finished footwear is produced using Additive Manufacturing

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Footprint 3D: M. Flail (Co-Founder and COO)

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Scanning & Customization

3D scan data of a customer or patient’s feet is acquired and used to create uniquely contoured soles that allow for proper ergonomic support and promote a natural gait. The footwear is customized to the scan to create unique designs that use inputs from podiatrists and foot care professionals.

Lattice Generation

Simpleware lattice tools are employed to create lattice structures from original CAD files and ‘boolean’ a variety of solid surfaces to the lattice structure. Lattices are created from solid STL files easily and accurately to create and modify certain areas of the lattice based on unique foot and gait characteristics. Simpleware morphological 3D editing tools are used to adjust areas such as the heel and arch areas.

Additive Manufacturing

Footprint’s original midsole and insole designs are laser sintered (SLS) out of an advanced TPU powder and coated with a polyurethane finish for durability and waterproofing. Manufacturing is carried out following virtual testing of designs, reducing the waste associated with traditional mold-making processes. Footprint often repurpose the soles from existing shoes to test out new designs.

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