The Value of Workshops for Synopsys Simpleware

Posted on 22 July 2019 by Matt Howard


Matt Howard, Applications Engineer at Synopsys Simpleware, explains the many benefits of free-to-attend workshops based on his recent experience running a large-scale workshop in Shanghai.

Presenting during a recent workshop

Why Attend a Simpleware Software Workshop?

Web-based meetings have made remote communication convenient, however face-to-face interactions encourage a certain openness in discussions that cannot be matched remotely. For Synopsys Simpleware, they allow our engineers to better collaborate with users to find tailored solutions. Workshops give regular opportunity for these interactions and have helped us to consistently build positive and productive relationships with our userbase.

Simpleware workshops begin with a short introduction of who we are and what we offer. This assumes some prior knowledge of the broader application areas, but no experience of our software is necessary. A software demonstration typically follows, delivered by an experienced Applications Engineer who tailors the content to suit the audience and the theme of the workshop. Finally, we offer an opportunity for a hands-on session, where registered attendees receive a trial license of our product and can work with their own data while discussing their aims with the attending Applications Engineer. These hands-on sessions are often the most valuable part of the day for those serious about applying the software, as the opportunity to have one-to-one discussions about their own challenges can highlight new approaches that may not have otherwise been considered.

Simpleware software workshop at the Synopsys Shanghai office

At Simpleware, customer satisfaction has been a consistent focus, and the quality of technical support we offer is frequently praised. Free-to-attend regional workshops are yet another way in which we support our customers in their use of our software, shortening the learning curve for new users and maximizing potential for those with existing workflows. Workshops also encourage word of mouth and help us to reach more potential users. They continue to contribute a significant portion of new contacts for the Simpleware group.

Presentations from Partners and Customers

In a recent workshop in Shanghai, China, Simpleware representatives worked with North Star Imaging (NSI), Dassault Systèmes and Stratasys to impart rare insight into entire image-based workflows – From image acquisition (NSI) to image processing (Simpleware) and then on to computer simulation or 3D printing (Dassault Systèmes and Stratasys respectively). Each company was given a generous timeslot for presentations and there was opportunity for Q&A and one-to-one discussions throughout the day. The 30+ attendees in Shanghai came from 18 institutions and included a healthy split of existing users and new interest from both commercial and academic backgrounds. 

Through large scale collaborative workshops such as in Shanghai, we can cultivate beneficial relationships with other providers in the industry. The overlapping userbases and complimentary solutions offered bring mutual benefits for the companies and their customers.

Workshops also provide an opportunity for Simpleware users to share insight into their own workflows and experiences using our software. In Shanghai, a representative from the Sinopec Geophysical Research Institute presented Simpleware’s CT-based solution for analysis of complex porous sandstone samples, something they had struggled to achieve via traditional experimental techniques. They showed their workflow for processing the CT images and subsequent volume meshing of the complex multi-phase structures with Simpleware software, which gave them opportunity to run finite element simulations which captured the reality of the material. Knowledge share from these users, who have applied the software to find a solution to real practical problems, offer exceeding value for those in similar fields.

Join a Simpleware Workshop

Our scheduled workshops are advertised on our Simpleware events page so you can register for an in-person or web-based workshop anytime. You can also schedule your own on-site Simpleware workshop at your facility.

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Matthew Howard
Application Engineer, (Simpleware Product Group at Synopsys)


Matt graduated in mechanical engineering from University of Exeter, UK with an emphasis in finite element methods and computational fluid dynamics. He joined Synopsys in 2016 as an Application Engineer, providing on-site and remote technical support, software training and workflow integration to Simpleware software customers worldwide.

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