Taking Part in the Multisim Modelathon

Posted on 26 July 2018 by Matt Nixon

I attended the Modelathon 2017 event hosted by Multisim at the Insigneo Institute, University of Sheffield. The Modelathon is a fantastic Synopsys-sponsored annual event that brings together PhD students and early-career academics researching all aspects of in silico medicine and medical treatment. The video above gives a nice overview of what was covered by the event.

The three-day Modelathon competition is preceded by a one-day symposium covering multidisciplinary trends in computational modelling for pre-clinical research. During the Modelathon, people work together to solve multiscale modelling challenges. Simpleware software was one of the key packages used during the Modelathon, alongside FE/CFD solvers like ANSYS and Abaqus. I was there to provide support and tips for getting the most out of Simpleware software.

Day 1: Getting to Grips with Simpleware Software

For the first day of the competition, participants were split into groups, with specialists in FE, in CFD and in musculoskeletal modelling working together on various modelling challenges. This provided a great opportunity for the FE specialists to use Simpleware software to generate subject-specific FE models of a fractured mouse tibia from µCT DICOM images. Many of the participants were already familiar with Simpleware products, and I was impressed with the quality of their models. Being at the event to give support and advice meant, though, that even novice participants became confident users in just a few days.

The event was also great for demonstrating how easy it is to export from Simpleware FE into Abaqus and ANSYS Mechanical APDL/Workbench software when carrying out FE simulations. The CFD specialists also used Simpleware software to build models of mouse vascular corrosion-casting; the quality of the image data meant that participants were able to test out the automatic segmentation tools in Simpleware ScanIP to quickly create models for ANSYS Fluent/CFX and Abaqus CFD.

Days 2-3: Team Challenges

For the second and third days of the event, new teams were formed with a mix of expertise areas. The challenge was to refine the preliminary models from the previous day, using the results from each of them to make changes to other models. Teams had to create a multiscale model of a mouse with a fractured tibia throughout the stages of a healing process, including CFD analysis of blood flow and oxygen diffusion, musculoskeletal modelling of whole body kinematics, and FE analysis of the fractured region at different stages of the healing process.

It was great see the various strategies employed by each team and how they quickly picked up and applied Simpleware software throughout the challenges. Events like the Modelathon are excellent for demonstrating the ease of the software for generating and refining sophisticated image-based models for analyzing complex, ‘real-life’ simulation scenarios.

Modelathon 2018: 17-20 September 2018, Sheffield

We look forward to participating at the Modelathon again this year! If you would like to participate, please visit the Modelathon Website. Registration closes on 19 August 2018 and places are limited to 35 participants.

If you have any particular questions about using Simpleware products for your workflows, you can contact us at simpleware-support@synopsys.com.



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