Fundamentals of Simpleware Training (full day)

When: Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Where: Synopsys Marlborough Education Center, 377 Simarano Drive, Marlborough, MA 01752


This one-day intensive training course intends to give new and existing users sufficient knowledge of the basic functionality of Simpleware software. It will allow you to develop workflows based your areas of research and future projects.

The day is divided into lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on sessions with our experienced engineers. The training allows you to understand the theory and the application of Simpleware to a wide variety of workflows from different industries and interests.

The course includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to Simpleware and image-based modelling
  • Digital imaging basics and imaging methods
  • Image processing and segmentation in Simpleware ScanIP
  • Using CAD parts in image-based processing
  • Overview of meshing in Simpleware ScanIP
  • Creating models for surface meshing
  • Creating models for FE and CFD meshing using Simpleware FE
  • Creating NURBS models for CAD export using Simpleware NURBS
  • Measurements and Statistics using Simpleware ScanIP
  • Image, mask and model visualisation and animation
  • Export options and further analysis
  • Options for automating your workflow
  • Tips and Tricks in Simpleware

Simpleware products covered: Simpleware ScanIP, FE Module, CAD Module, NURBS Module

Please note: This course does not include hands-on training on scripting or automation. Please see the bespoke and advanced training courses if this is your requirement.

Training Costs

The fee for this course is $650 per person + tax. Academic or bulk discounts are available upon request to those who qualify. The fee includes full lecture notes for the course, lunch and tea/coffee.


Synopsys Marlborough
Education Center

377 Simarano Drive, Suite 300
Marlborough, MA 01752

Directions & Hotel details

Parking is available on-site


Thomas Spirka (PhD)

Senior Application Engineer
Simpleware Product Group at Synopsys

Further Details

  • To register your interest in attending this training course please complete the form on the top of this page. Upon verification, you will receive an email with full course details and a quotation to place a formal order.
  • For more information or further inquiries about training, please email us.