Celebrating 5 Years of the Simpleware Product Team at Synopsys

Posted on 22 July 2021 by Kerim Genc


It is hard to believe that it has already been five years since Simpleware Ltd. was acquired by Synopsys, Inc. The move was driven by the Simpleware products addressing a wide range of product design and data analysis applications in the life sciences, consumer products, automotive, aerospace and defense industries. Being part of a large, established (30+ years in Silicon Valley!) and cutting-edge software company like Synopsys with their ‘Yes, If’ corporate mindset has enabled and accelerated the Simpleware team across the board. We are better positioned to compete on a global scale, have added rocket fuel to our software development and R&D, are leveraging Synopsys’ corporate governance to streamline and scale our internal processes, and most importantly, we are continuing to provide excellent products that enable the success of our customers.

Development Within Synopsys

Simpleware software has been used for many years as a solution for converting 3D image data (such as MRI and CT) into models for design, simulation, inspection and 3D printing. As well as our core Simpleware ScanIP platform, we have add-on modules for everything from CAD to Finite Element (FE) meshing and more. Following the 2016 acquisition, we became part of the Synopsys TCAD group in its Custom Design and Manufacturing Group (CDMG). Simpleware software is specialized in dealing with organic and imperfect geometries typical of image-based models, and as semiconductors get smaller and smaller, this capability becomes more valuable to the different groups within Synopsys designing and simulating in the single digit nanometer scale.

What We’ve Achieved

Since becoming part of the Synopsys family, we have continued our efforts in R&D, and the Simpleware software platform portfolio has expanded, and development accelerated. Most recently, this has occurred in Machine Learning-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) for automated segmentation and landmarking of medical and industrial imaging datasets. This automation, in addition to our scripting API, allows us to expand beyond off-the-shelf software and into the realm of providing our customers with complete solutions that enable them to not only automate their workflow, but consolidate and deploy it into a single environment.

We have also pushed forward with solutions for clinical applications, including for FDA 510(k) and CE Marking regulations, and have recently become one of the few companies to have FDA 510(k) clearance for medical 3D printing.

Taking Part in Charity and Fundraising Events

One of the big advantages of being part of Synopsys is the strong corporate culture, which has encouraged us to participate in many initiatives linked to values such as integrity, execution excellence, leadership, and passion. Furthermore, Synopsys emphasizes diversity in the workplace, and we benefit from an inclusive work environment.

Some of the recent highlights we have been involved in included charity and volunteering activities, as well as creating a fun video for kids to introduce children to 3D imaging and printing. In addition, we are taking part in and supporting local tech events, and have showcased the value of women in engineering and STEM.

Looking to the Future

There are still a lot of exciting milestones to look forward to for Simpleware software, from the potential of AI to making it easier to scale 3D image processing tasks across industries, to providing customers and partners with solutions to tackle challenges in 3D printing, design, inspection, human body modeling, and more. Here’s to the next five years and beyond!

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