Atomistic Simulation

QuantumATK for Advanced TCAD


When every atom matters

QuantumATK is a leading industry-proven platform for atomic-scale modeling of semiconductor materials, nanostructures and nanoelectronic devices.


  • Compute the electronic, optical, thermal, magnetic, mechanical, electron-phonon coupling, piezoelectric, thermoelectric, and other material properties of nanostructures, bulk materials and surfaces;
  • Extract key material parameters of semiconductors, oxides and alloys, such as band gaps, effective masses, defect formation energies, work functions, low-field mobility, diffusion constants, reaction barriers, etc, for use in TCAD simulations;
  • Perform electronic and thermal transport analysis of nanoscale electronic devices; e.g. calculate I-V curves, transistor characteristics, metal-semiconductor contact resistance, tunnel magnetoresistance and spin transfer torque, mobility, leakage current;
  • Model electrochemical processes in Li-ion, Li-air and other types of batteries and related materials;
  • Use the powerful combination of a graphical user interface and Python scripting as a platform for all your atomic-scale modeling need.

Discover QuantumATK: accelerate your R&D and reduce costs by minimizing the need of expensive and time-consuming experimental prototyping and testing!