Webinar: New QuantumATK P-2019.03 Release

Highlights of New Features and Functionalities

Date: 20th of March, 2019
Time 1: 9 AM CET (Europe) / 1.30 pm IST (India) / 4 pm CST (China) / 5 pm KST (South Korea) / 5 pm JST (Japan)
Time 2:
6 pm CET (Europe) / 1 pm EDT (US East Coast) / 10 am PDT (US West Coast)

Duration: 40 minutes (plus 20 min Q&A session)

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During this webinar, discover the following new features and functionalities of QuantumATK P-2019.03:

  • The Projector-Augmented Wave (PAW) method (beta version), which significantly speeds up DFT-PlaneWave simulations
  • Improvements for the hybrid HSE06 functional, enabling noncollinear spin and spin-orbit calculations
  • Recently developed SCAN functional for both DFT-LCAO and DFT-PlaneWave calculators
  • Time-stamped force-bias Monte Carlo, which makes 5-100 times longer simulations times available
  • Entirely new completely customizable Script Generator layout for setting up simulations
  • Improved and new Study Object frameworks to perform complex tasks:
    • New Magnetic Anisotropy Energy Study Object framework
    • Upgraded Charged Point Defect Study Object framework, enabling now also simulations of defect clusters
    • Improved Optimize Device Configuration Study Object with restart functionality
  • Performance improvements for periodic and device (with Non-Equilibrium Green’s Function method) DFT simulations
  • MPI parallelization of ForceField, enabling parallel MD simulations over many compute nodes 
  • Enhanced 2D plot framework for advanced editing of plots, measuring, combining, and reusing
  • Industry-Standard Python 3 environment in QuantumATK
  • And more new exciting features!


Anders Blom, PhD

Senior Business Development Manager for Synopsys QuantumATK

Umberto Martinez, PhD

Business Development Manager for Synopsys QuantumATK