Synopsys QuantumATK at EMMC Workshop 2021

EMMC International Workshop 2021

DATE: March 2-4, 2021

ORGANIZER: The European Materials Modeling Council

VENUE: Online


  • Let’s discuss how you could benefit from atomic-scale modeling with QuantumATK
  • March 2 & 3: 16.30 – 17.30 CET
  • Platform: ZOOM
  • 1-1 private meetings available

WORKSHOP OVERVIEW: The EMMC International Workshop has become known as a leading cross-cutting event where stakeholders from different materials modelling-related fields in industry and academia get together to discuss topics of strategic importance and elaborate on gaps and potential actions to move the field forward.



Synopsys QuantumATK Atomic-Scale Modeling Solutions

Synopsys QuantumATK offers a professionally engineered platform for atomic-scale modeling of complex materials, interfaces, nanostructures and electronic devices. QuantumATK is fully supported and delivered in an easy-to-use interface, tailored from state-of-the-art methods, and developed by experts to the specifications of our customers in semiconductor and materials science (batteries, solar cells, polymers, catalysts) industries.

QuantumATK Benefits to EMMC 2021 Participants

Industry-Leading Tools

Industry-Leading Tools

- Professionally engineered software: Robust, accurate & reliable
- Easy-to-use: Intuitive GUI access to all tools and features
- Python scripting for customization and automation
- High performance: Strong capability to analyze large-scale realistic systems
- Easy to install & fully supported
- Providing customized and novel solutions fast

Contact Optimization

Multi-Scale & Multi-Physics

- Multiple atomistic simulation methods in one platform: from DFT to semiempirical models and classical force fields
- Integration with continuum Synopsys TCAD tools
- Multiphysics: electronic, structural, optical, mechanical, thermal, magnetic, electron and thermal transport, electron-phonon coupling

Stack Engineering

Energy Materials

- Simulate and design battery materials for Li-ion battery technologies and beyond (cathode and anode surfaces, electrolytes, separator, binder, solid-electrolyte interfaces, Li ion diffusion) using multi-model computational approaches
- Model novel photovoltaic materials, front/back end interfaces and devices with improved electronic properties, photocurrent and open circuit voltage

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EMMC: The European Materials Modeling Council was formed in 2014 by a wide range of European stakeholders including manufacturing industries, software owners and academic modellers. Since then EMMC undertook actions to increase the industrial exploitation of materials modeling in Europe. EMMC considers the integration of materials modelling and digitalization critical for more agile and sustainable product development. Synopsys QuantumATK team is a member of EMMC and have been participating in various EMMC activities through the years.

QuantumATK Innovations Under European Commission’s Excellent Innovation Radar

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SPICE Project

  • Aim: Developing a spintronic-photonic IC platform to create world class ultra fast and low power memory and sensor designs
  • Innovation: Software: model and simulation data of the new materials, switching mechanisms, interactions with light, etc. Codes for the novel architectures

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