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Accelerate your research with QuantumATK atomistic simulation software by performing efficient material and electronic device simulations using uniquely combined state-of-the-art methods. Benefit from an advanced GUI and Python scripting.

Why use QuantumATK software?

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Benefits of QuantumATK Software

  • Easy-to-learn and use: Intuitive interface with quick-and-easy access to all tools and features, combined with the power of a Python scripting engine for customization and automation of tasks
  • Hybrid functionality: a homogeneous interface to all atomistic methods, enabling hybrid functionality and specialized features
  • Accurate and reliable: Non-Equilibrium Green’s Functions (NEGF) method for most accurate simulations of interfaces between materials (stacks, contacts, junctions), surfaces, and modeling electronic devices
  • Fast and powerful: Ability to study large and thus more realistic systems
QuantumATK Software
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Customer Testimonials

“[…] Based on our experience, there are several reasons why [QuantumATK]  can be considered the best tools for electron transport simulations at the atomistic scale:
It is comparably easy to learn (due to the graphical user interface [NanoLab] ).
It is quite easy to use (again due to [NanoLab]).
It has a powerful scripting interface.
The customer support is really great. […]”

Dr. Andreas Zienert | Technische Universität Chemnitz


[QuantumATK] together with [NanoLab] is an outstanding package opening the possibility to gain insights in the design and understanding of spintronic devices by including non-collinear spin options and spin-orbit interactions in the transport calculations”

Dr. Eliseo Ruiz | University of Barcelona


[…QuantumATK] has become a must use tool for our rapid prototyping of conventional and unconventional electronic/optical transport nano-devices, and for training students and postdocs on the foundations and challenges of band structure, transmission spectra, conductance, and tunneling current/voltage properties using first-principles quantum mechanics methods. […]

Dr. Andres Jaramillo-Botero | California Institute of Technology | 2015


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Interested in applying QuantumATK software to your research? Test our software or contact us at quantumatk@synopsys.com to get more information on QuantumATK platform for atomic-scale modeling.