IC WorkBench Edit/View Plus

High Speed Layout Visualization

IC WorkBench Edit/View Plus (ICWBEV+) is a powerful, hierarchical layout visualization and analysis tool. It allows viewing and editing GDSII and OASIS®
layouts from small IP blocks to full chip databases. ICWBEV+:

  • Quickly opens large GDSII and OASIS files with low memory overhead, and cache files drastically decrease the time for subsequent sessions
  • Provides easy debugging of the hierarchy and placement of cells and shapes
  • Shows fast, interactive shape connectivity
  • Supports the IC Validator (VUE) application to review and correct DRC and LVS errors
  • Defines TCAD simulation domains in hierarchical layouts for Sentaurus

High Speed, High Capacity View and Editing

ICWBEV+ loads gigabytes of data in minutes and has unlimited file size capacity on 64-bit platforms. Fast zooming and panning ease exploration and analysis of the largest layout patterns. In addition, ICWBEV+ can overlay two or more layouts in a single view without merging the underlying layout files. Hierarchical selection and editing allow ICWBEV+ to select and edit shapes deep in the hierarchy without requiring the sub-cell to be opened as shown in Figure 1. Edit operations have undo and redo support.

Figure 1: Hierarchical selection and editing in ICWBEV+

Figure 1: Hierarchical selection and editing in ICWBEV+