Methodology Consulting & Flow Development

We help you get better results quicker
and the most out of your SoC design resources.

Flow development takes time and effort. Rather than pulling your team off their design tasks, have our consultants develop the flows for you. Not only does this strategy allow your engineers to remain focused on their designs, but it also shaves time of the overall schedule.

Our Methodology Consulting & Flow Development consultants are ready to help optimize your existing flow or build a new one from the ground up. Have us:

  • Optimize Your Existing Flow: Tap into our consultants’ tool knowledge and design experience to optimize your existing methodology by adding sub-flows, tuning existing ones, or adding new tools.

  • Build a Flow from the Ground Up: Sometimes it’s best to build a new methodology rather than retrofitting an old one. Our consultants have shaved months off new flow-development schedules by starting with the Lynx Design System, Synopsys’ flow and automation environment.

Project# A3HF26: New Flow to Support Automotive FinFET Chips Deployed in 3 Months

While planning its schedule to create four, ARM®-based FinFET chips, a client found its existing flow inadequate to support the increased complexities. A new methodology was required—one that changed everything including specs, process node, tools, libraries, and design techniques.

Since the projects could neither afford the schedule nor effort required to develop the flow, the client hired Synopsys Design Services to build it for them.

Our consultants cataloged the requirements and pre-configured the flow. Rather than starting from scratch, the team reduced schedule risk by building the flow on top of Synopsys’s flow and automation platform, Lynx. The custom flow was completed and deployed within three months, saving the client months of calendar time and several staff-years of effort.

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We help you get better results quicker
and the most out of your SoC design resources.