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To successfully deploy a virtual prototype-based development approach, semiconductor and electronic products companies can rely on Synopsys services. Based on more than a hundred proven deployments, Synopsys provides the broadest expertise and experience in the industry. From tool and methodology training to full virtual prototype creation, Synopsys enables you to optimize your deployment for a project across your entire organization. The goal is your first time project success. These services are part of our complete Virtual Prototyping Solution which included tools, models and services.


Proven: “Synopsys’ fast delivery and high quality Virtual Prototype also saved us development costs and reduced the integration risk as we introduced our PXA3xx application processor to the highly competitive handheld and consumer markets."
     Sam Arditi, senior vice president, Marvell Cellular and Handheld Group

Virtual Prototyping Services

Tools and Modeling Methodology Training – Productivity comes from the proper usage of the tools and methodology. The tools and modeling methodology training ensures that users understand and maximize the use of the tool features as well as are familiar with the methodology concepts including SystemC, TLM and SCML.

Virtual Prototype CoStart – More than simply knowing how to use the tools and methodologies, it is important for your team to ramp up quickly and efficiently on their projects. CoStarts are a vehicle to rapidly get up to speed using Virtual Prototypes. They include an intense knowledge transfer perspective while assisting in the assembly of the customer’s platform. They deliver business value through cost reduction of the overall virtual prototype roll-out, faster more focused implementation of the virtual prototype, faster realization of available productivity for the tools and your product development, more predictable deployment schedule with less risk, and overall less frustration for your engineering teams.

Virtual Prototype Model Creation – Synopsys can deliver expertise in the creation of models and subsystems by complementing your own modeling team. If you require additional bandwidth or if you simply would like to rely on Synopsys’ modeling expertise for a specific part of your design, our model creation services will help you maximize the time to availability of your virtual prototype.

Full Virtual Prototype Creation – Synopsys delivers full Virtual Prototype creation services to companies who do not or do not want to have their own modeling team. Synopsys takes full ownership of modeling, assembling and delivering a virtual prototype to your end user teams. Such services can also include the integration of software tools, environment models and test environment, the customization of the virtual prototype tools for debug and analysis to meet your end-user specific needs.

Below are examples of virtual prototypes developed by Synopsys for customers:



 Virtual Prototype




The VPAI virtual prototype models the ARM Integrator/AP prototyping board. This virtual prototype is now part of the DesignWare TLM Library.




The VPMX31 virtual prototype simulates the Freescale i.MX31 and i.MX31L multimedia applications processor and Application Development System (ADS).




The VPXA3 virtual prototype is a high performance software simulator of the Marvell PXA3xx next generation applications processor

Texas Instruments



The VPOM-3430 virtual prototype is a high-performance software simulator of the TI OMAP3430 Software Development Platform is the first member of the TI OMAP 3 architecture, which combines mobile entertainment capabilities with high-performance productivity applications for building new classes of devices.


The VPOM-2430 virtual prototype is a high-performance software simulator of the TI OMAP2430 Software Development Platform for advanced mobile phone video and imaging.


The VPOM-2420 virtual prototype is a high-performance software emulator of the TI OMAP2420 Software Development Platform.


The VPOM-1610 virtual prototype is a fast, full function software emulator of the TI Innovator. Kit for OMAP1610 Platform.


The VPOM-1510 virtual prototype is a fast, full function software emulator of the TI Innovator. Kit for OMAP1510 Platform.

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